Webliography Post #5

GPS:  SSKE1 The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, baker, farmer, doctor, and teacher). 

Site Title:  NYPD Kids Corner

Site URL:

Annotation:  The students will color in the pages of their book.  They will be able to follow along in their book as I read the book aloud to the entire class during group time.  Then we will discuss the importance of police officers and make a chart to show the many ways that they are helpful.  Requires Adobe Reader. 

Question/Activity 1:  What are some ways that police travel?  

Question/Activity 2:  What helps police officers when they are doing their job?

Webliography Post #4

GPS:  SSKE1 The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, solider, mail carrier, banker, farmer, doctor, and teacher). 

Site Title:  Sunshine On-line

Site URL: 

Annotation:  We will go to the computer lab as a class.  I will already have the site pulled up on all the computers.  I will read the caption at the bottom of the page and each student will pick the correct picture.  Requires shock-wave flash.

Question/Activity 1:  What does a painter use to do his job?     

Question/Activity 2:  Where might you see these workers?

Webliography Post #3

GPS:  SSKE1  The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, banker, farmer, doctor, and teacher).

Site Title:  Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for kids

Site URL:

Annotation:  As a class we will tour the neighborhood.  Each community helper’s workplace has a description of the job that is performed.  We will discuss each job.  Then I will provide each table with a local map of our city and have each of these places (post office, fire station, police station, hospital, school, and library) labeled on the map with the word and the picture.

Question/Activity 1:  Who works at the library?  What does he/she do to help us?  Where can we find a library in our town?

Question/Activity 2:  The class will go to the school’s library.  The librarian will talk to the students and tell them about his/her job.  The students will be able to walk around the library and check out a book that they have found and take it home for the week. 

Webliography Post #2

GPS:  SSKE1 The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, solider, mail carrier, baker, farmer, doctor, and teacher).   

Site Title:  Preschool Education

Site URL:

Annotation:  This site is a compilation of rhymes and songs.  We will have previously discussed the job of a fire fighter.  I will retype the words so they are larger and project them on to a screen so the children can see them.  We will go over the words and then learn the song. 

Question/Activity 1:  What tools does a fire fighter need to do his job?

                                 What does a fire fighter wear? 

                                 What does a fire fighter drive?

Question/Activity 2:  How do fire fighters keep us safe?

Webliography Post #1

GPS:  SSKE1 The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, solider, mail carrier, banker, farmer, doctor, and teacher)

Site Title:  Community Club

Site URL:

Annotation:  This web site has an interactive activity that helps students explore the different types of community helpers.  Each section has a descriptive story that tells the children what the job is and how it is helpful.  It has the words on the page as well as an icon that will read the story to the children.  At the end there is a three question quiz.

Question/Activity1:  Each student will receive a pre-cut paper doll.  They will be allowed to pick what type of community helper they would like to be and make their paper doll into the helper they picked.  We will have a class discussion and allow the students to present their helpers to the class.

Question/Activity 2:  Which of these do you think is most helpful to the community?  Why? 


It is a great site.  I love using it to look up unknown information.  It would be a great site for children when monitored for students to use.  I would highly recommend it for teachers to use it for extra information and activities to use in the classroom.

Georgia Southern University

I use this site very often!  I am able to get some of my class assignments and check my email from this site.  It is very useful to me as a student here.  It tells me the current temperature in Statesboro and helps me find information about Georgia Southern.

Georgia Performance Standards

I have found this site very useful for many projects that I have already began  in my Education classes.  It has all the new standards that will be implemented in Georgia's classrooms.  I know that it will be useful in the future years of my education.

Screven County Elementary School

This semester I have been helping at Screven County Elementary School (SCES) for my PPB.  I have found this web page useful when looking for my school and teachers contact information.  The school has recently implemented a new program for parents.  Parents of the children attending SCES can log in on this page and see their child's grades. 

Enchanted Learning

This web site is great for facts and information about different school related topics.  I found information about Georgia when I was working on my power point from this site.  It would be a good place for children to research for projects.  It also had some hands on "fun learning" activities.


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