Paper: Education in 2016

      Every Monday and Wednesday I travel to Screven County Elementary School.  In the classroom I observe, technology is present and used very often.  The classroom is equipped with five desktop computers and a lap top for the teacher’s use.  There is a promethium board and a slate for the entire class to use.  The students in this classroom are experiencing much more technology than I would have ever thought of using when I was in the third grade.  I remember having one computer in my third grade class.  The computer was used by all the students and the teacher. The only things we ever used the computer for were to take the new accelerated reader program that had recently come out and to play the Oregon Trail game where my oxen always died while trying to cross the river.  If today’s students were to see this game and were told to play it, many would laugh.  Since I was in third grade, ten years ago, technology has come a very long way.  The speed that technology is advancing is very rapid.  If it continues to advance like it already has, many opportunities and tools for teachers will be gained and they will help to enrich student’s learning.  In the year 2016, I think that there will be great technological advancements made in the classrooms.

            I think by 2016 there will be a class set of laptop computers.  Once laptops are implemented into the classroom, I believe that the amount of paper work will reduce greatly.  Students will type their assignments and submit them by sending them through e-mail or some other electronic way to the teacher.  Teachers will communicate by means of computers and grades will be put on the internet rather than sending a report card home with the students. 

      I think that having computers in the classroom has its good and bad aspects.  I think that computers will better prepare students to face the “real world.”  Most jobs require computer skills.  The more skills children learn about computers early on will better help them in the real world later in life.  I also see negative aspects in having computers.  I think that sometimes people, especially children, rely on the computer rather than their own minds to think. Without paper and pencil tasks, I don’t think that students will gain as much.  Writing has been proven to help process and remember information.  This would be lost if all work was done electronically.  Sometimes I feel that computers do too much of the work for you.  I know that they are very helpful and speed up processes, but there are times when computers are going to crash and not work correctly.  I hope that the demand for more technology does not do away with paper and pencil work.  One day while I was at the bank, the computers shut down.  The tellers in the bank had no way to retrieve information because everything was in the system.  Because of computer failure, the bank had to close.  Everyone should know how to manage a situation without a technological tool to help; and I feel that if we implement all of this technology in the future, children will be losing the ability to manage without technology.

         By 2016, I also think that teachers will have promethium boards that are connected to their laptops.  The promethium boards will take the place of chalk boards and white boards.  Lessons will be taught and examples will be demonstrated on the board.  Textbooks will become a thing of the past along with the white boards and chalk boards.  Books will be purchased and viewed online, and the school will have to access the books in the classroom by viewing them on the laptop computers or the promethium board.

       With advances in technology, test taking will be very different.  Many of the tests will become computer based like the little accelerated reader tests.  Chapter test and standardized tests will be taken on a computer; I can see this coming already.  Teachers will be equipped with a program to write tests in order to put them on the children’s computer.

            With more technology in the classroom, students will have more self-help styled learning.  The teacher will still instruct, but the students will guide themselves through the computer programs most of the time.  The teachers will have to go through more training that would prepare each of them to use the technology that would be implemented in their classrooms.  In some areas I feel that technology could help teachers and students while other times I feel that things should simply be learned the old fashion way. 


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