Webliography Post #3

GPS:  SSKE1  The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, banker, farmer, doctor, and teacher).

Site Title:  Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for kids

Site URL:  http://bensguide.gpo.gov/k-2/neighborhood/

Annotation:  As a class we will tour the neighborhood.  Each community helper’s workplace has a description of the job that is performed.  We will discuss each job.  Then I will provide each table with a local map of our city and have each of these places (post office, fire station, police station, hospital, school, and library) labeled on the map with the word and the picture.

Question/Activity 1:  Who works at the library?  What does he/she do to help us?  Where can we find a library in our town?

Question/Activity 2:  The class will go to the school’s library.  The librarian will talk to the students and tell them about his/her job.  The students will be able to walk around the library and check out a book that they have found and take it home for the week. 


February 9, 2006. Webliography.

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